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How Much Does an Architect Cost?

eople often hesitate to contact an architect because they’re unsure (or scared) of the cost. But in many cases, working with an architect can actually save you money.

If that seems counter-intuitive, it helps to understand that a good architect will help you:

  • Get the design right the first time, avoiding costly mid-project changes
  • Negotiate the contractor’s fee, usually at substantial savings
  • Guide the project from start to finish, making sure it’s all done right and that you end up with the house you paid for


So what does it cost? Architects sometimes charge a fixed fee, but more typically it’s 12% to 15% of the construction cost.

At my firm, for renovations, I always start out with a Design Consultation. For new construction projects, I schedule a free one-hour meeting to see if we’re right for each other. If it’s a good, comfortable match and we decide to work together, we move along to the design and construction phase.

From Sketch to Nails

Some architects will sell drawings only—but we’re a full-service firm, so I stay involved from the first site visit to the final nail. I prefer it this way because I always fall in love with a house during the design process. I feel compelled to follow it through until it’s born. This is the only way to ensure you get the home we envisioned together, along with the best value for your money.

Over the years, I’ve developed relationships with some truly great contractors. It’s my standard practice to ask them for a bid that spells out the vendors they plan to use, each vendor’s cost, and what their markup will be. Once those markup costs are upfront for everyone to see, I’ve found that the contractor’s fees are typically much lower than is usually the case: 10%-15% of the cost instead of as high as 40%.

After completing the design, my role is to guide the contractor’s efforts so that the end product will play a starring role in a lifelong love story featuring you, your family, and the home you build or remodel.

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